087: 10 lifestyle detoxes we should all try at least once

What’s a lifestyle detox? It’s simply taking something out of your life for a bit – be it a day, a week, a month … and seeing whether doing so makes your life better. Sometimes you take the thing out and then decide to keep it out. Sometimes taking the thing out simply allows you hit the reset button.

Lifestyle detoxes are fun ways to self-experiment and in this episode Carly and I share ten everyone should try at least once:

  • No alcohol for a month
  • No coffee for a month
  • No processed/packet food for a month
  • No screens for a weekend
  • Taking a break from toxic people
  • No complaining for a week/month
  • No comments on other people’s appearance
  • Giving up watching the news/reading newspapers
  • Giving up negative comments towards your partner
  • Availability detox


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