This episode is perhaps the natural continuation of Episode 127 when we spoke about why the all or nothing approach to life and self-improvement is unhelpful.

Because the media doesn’t operate in shades of grey, and because most things we ‘know’ are dictated by the media, we are subtly programmed to reject the grey. Also, the brain doesn’t like contradictory things and strives to put things in boxes. And it doesn’t like it when we can’t put things in boxes.

In this episode we speak about the need to start getting comfortable with the fact that seemingly contradictory things can be true at the same time and not everything can be put in a neat box. 

  • You can accept yourself, and at the same time, acknowledge your need to keep growing
  • You can acknowledge your pain, and at the same time, notice your joy
  • You can know others are doing their best, and at the same time, feel disappointed in them.*

* Thanks to Lisa Olivera Therapy for these examples.


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