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Straight and Curly is a podcast for self-improvement junkies


026: Cleaning Hacks

June 22, 2016

Is there anyone on this earth who actually enjoys house cleaning? In this episode Carly and Kelly talk about their house cleaning hacks and how they keep their homesĀ liveable without…

025: Tried It, Hated It

June 15, 2016

This episode Carly and Kelly chat about the life hacks they’ve tried – and hated. Everything from mindful eating to sleeping naked – what’s their take on some of the…

024: Digital Detox Report

June 8, 2016

This episode Carly and Kelly talkĀ about the digital detox they completed in May, decide if it was a good thing for them to do, and whether they’d do it again.…

023: The Coffice

June 1, 2016

What’s a coffice? It’s when you use a coffee shop as an office – either as a temporary measure or all the time. Research has showed that the low hum…

022: 10,000 Steps

May 25, 2016

10,000 steps is a real buzzword at the moment, popularised by gadgets such as the Jawbone and Fitbit. But where did that number even come from? And what benefits are…

021: Cutting out meetings

May 18, 2016

If you work in the corporate world, you probably have to attend a lot of meetings and don’t get really get to push back against the fact that most meetings…

020: Menu Planning

May 11, 2016

Menu planning – some people do it for weight loss, some for budgetary reasons, and some, like Kelly, do it simply to be more organised and not have to decide…

019: Digital Detox

May 4, 2016

In this episode Carly springs a surprise on Kelly. They’re going to do a digital detox: a whole weekend of no internet, phones or computers. Carly’s interested to see how…

018: To-do lists

April 27, 2016

To-do lists are the mainstay of every productivity junkie the world over. But what’s the best way to make one. And how do you stop a to-do list adding to…