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Straight and Curly is a podcast for self-improvement junkies


014: No-one is Perfect

March 30, 2016

This is a special episode for the Straight and Curly girls. After recording 13 episodes, they began to worry that they were coming across as judgemental or worse, sanctimonious. In…

013: Clutter

March 23, 2016

Are you drowning in a sea of garbage? Could you potentially apply to be on the show Hoarders? Do you really struggle with throwing things away? In this Episode Carly…

012: Timers

March 16, 2016

If you struggle to concentrate this is the episode for you. If you constantly find yourself reaching for your phone ever 5 seconds when you’re supposed to be getting work…

011: Non-Electronic Hobbies

March 9, 2016

Are you finding that you spend a scary percentage of every day staring at computer or phones screens? Do you feel buzzed and burnt out most evenings? It might be…

010: Conscious mornings

March 2, 2016

Are your mornings rushed and frantic? Do you roll out of bed after pressing snooze five times only to find the only clean work clothes you have is the outfit…

009: Stop starting again

February 24, 2016

Ever come in to your office ready to start work, sat down at your desk, checked emails, checked Facebook, messed around, gotten up to go get a drink, come back…

008: Guaranteed Productivity Booster #1

February 17, 2016

Every so often we’re going to share a guaranteed productivity booster and today is our first. And it might seem a little on the boring side: go for a walk.…

007: Touch it once

February 10, 2016

Today’s topic sounds a lot ruder than it is. In essence it’s saying you don’t touch something/pick it up unless you intend to do something with it. Not the mail, your…

006: A month with no alcohol

February 3, 2016

In a recent SMH article Peter FitzSimons asserted: While it is a better night with grog, it is a better life without. But giving up alcohol, even for a short…