Worldwide, many of our listeners who previously worked in an office are now working from home in order to put the brakes on the spread of COVID-19. For many, this is the first time they’ve had to work from home but Kelly and Carly have both been doing it for years. In this episode, they share some of their best tips including:

  1. How to be productive during the day so you don’t have to catch up at night
  2. The benefits of an accountability buddy
  3. Setting hours for work and hours for home and finding a way to ‘clock on and off’
  4. Preventing household chores from derailing your work day
  5. Creating a dedicated space to work
  6. Dividing work up into ‘must do’ and ‘nice to do’
  7. Scheduling your day to ensure the ‘must do’ jobs get done
  8. How to stop yourself eating your feelings
  9. Being kind to yourself and giving yourself time to adjust


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