Recently Carly and Kelly asked their Straight and Curly group on Facebook if there were any topics they particularly wanted them to cover and ‘Budget Hacks and Tips’ was something lots of people voted for.

Today’s episode first shares the concept of spenders vs savers (and Kelly reveals, to Carly’s surprise, that she is a spender!) Then the girls then share their 10 best tips for managing finances and staying away from, or at the very least, on top of, debt.

Things they cover:

  1. Everything except food and rent is a luxury
  2. If you can’t pay cash for it, you can’t afford it
  3. Check your credit card statements diligently every month
  4. Decide where you’re going to cut corners
  5. Stop automating your payments
  6. Consolidate your many small debts into a single one
  7. Have your employer split your pay
  8. Have a budget
  9. Find different friends
  10. Sometimes it’s easier to make more money than it is to keep trying to cut expenses.



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