Their first Budget Hacks episode ran quite long and didn’t leave any time for the girls to answer some great questions that members of their Straight and Curly group on Facebook asked. So today’s episode tackles those questions which include:

  • Do you have any favourite apps for managing finances?
  • How do you set a budget and stick to it?
  • How do you budget effectively when you have an irregular income from running a small business/freelancing?
  • When you get a sudden windfall, should you breathe a sigh of relief and finally treat yourself, or throw it all at your debt as well?
  • Can a minimalist mindset help with budgeting/cutting costs?


Kelly manages to butcher this beautiful summation from Liz Gilbert on the difference between Hobby, Career, Job and Vocation so please read it and you’ll be able to see what she was trying to get at ­čÖé


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