Kelly and Carly are both naturally confident people. But that doesn’t mean they’ve not had that confidence dented at some stage of their lives.

In this episode they talk about where they think their confidence comes from and what they’ve done to nurture it over the years. Then they both share their top five tips for ‘faking’ confidence when it’s not in abundance.

Ideas they cover:

  1. Do things you rock at
  2. Show em’ the old razzle dazzle
  3. Back yourself
  4. Concentrate on body language
  5. Make the person you’re talking to feel like the best human in the world
  6. If you know what the thing is that took your confidence away – name it
  7. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself
  8. Get out the instructions and fix something at home
  9. Watch Suits
  10. Try something you don’t think you’ll be good at


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