Kelly’s friends specially requested this show; it pays homage to fact that she cannot sleep without the noise of a fan whirring in the background, and whoever rooms with Kelly when she goes away with her friends has to also room with her fan. Lucky them!

Which brings us to the subject of sleep. What are Kelly and Carly’s best tips for getting to sleep in a timely fashion, and staying asleep? Here’s what they cover:

  1. Set up your environment optimally: bedroom should be dark, quiet, cool
  2. Exercise every day
  3. Develop a good pre-sleep routine
  4. Understand how you process caffeine and adjust the timing of your last cup accordingly
  5. White noise generators/fans
  6. Try Sleep With Me app or the nightlife quiz. Even Coffivity might work.
  7. Get some blue light glasses.
  8. Avoid alcohol wherever possible.
  9. Drop your core temperature.
  10. Try a body scan or sleep meditation if you’re overthinking it.


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