Despite their best efforts to show people it’s not the case, some people seem to think Kelly and Carly swan through life without a care in the world. Most likely because neither of them like discussing their problems in the moment – they prefer to talk about the things they’ve fully processed and worked through.

In today’s episode, the first before Straight and Curly takes a break for three weeks, the girls get vulnerable and share about the things that are bothering them right now:

  • Carly’s worried about the environment and trying to reduce the amount of waste she produces … but finds it hard not to slip into becoming really vigilante about it all.
  • Kelly’s given up her beloved Flying Solo Editor role and discusses why it’s a really sensible thing to do … but still hurts.
  • Carly’s very frustrated that having an impeccable diet and working out really hard six days a week for an extended period of time yielded very little change on the scales. She’s worried what this means for her future self.
  • Kelly’s kids are currently on school holidays and she’s struggling to find the balance between getting all her work done – and giving them a fun school holiday experience.
  • Carly and Kelly are both frustrated by their propensity for taking on too much!


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