Multi-tasking. We all do it. And most of us think we’re really good at it. But research has shown there is really no such thing. What we all call multi-tasking is actually task switching – going back and forth rapidly between tasks.

The problem with task switching is it’s inefficient and burns through brain energy at a mad rate.

Enter single-tasking. The art of sticking to a single task and executing that task without clicking away to Facebook midway through. Or posting a photo to Instagram. Or putting on a load of laundry.

Would a week spent single-tasking send Carly and Kelly’s productivity into overdrive? This episode reveals all.

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  2. Evie on January 24, 2018 at 5:10 am

    One thing I don’t understand people multitasking is going to the bathroom. One, because taking your phone in the bathroom is a bit nasty if you don’t wipe it down with alcohol right afterwards, and two, because you should be able to just take a minute to take care of basic functions without worrying about the other things you should be doing.

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