Kelly and Carly are very similar in a lot of ways but there’s one fairly major difference between them. Kelly has kids and Carly doesn’t.

In this episode, Kelly gives her productive parenting tips while Carly interjects with useless and terrible parenting advice she found on the internet.

Equal parts useful and downright weird, this episode of Straight & Curly covers the following topics:

  • Morning routines
  • Limiting extracurricular activities
  • How doctors in the 20s blamed colic on ‘angry mothers’
  • Giving kids responsibilities
  • Lowering your standards
  • Old wives tales about calling ambulances when your child is hiccuping
  • Planning
  • Weighing up the payoffs



  1. Alison Keetley on March 13, 2018 at 6:05 am

    Hi – dumb question. Where do I find the “show notes”? I wanted to look up the two organising the family websites that you mentioned? Of course – I listen in the car so can’t take notes down at the time.
    Thanks for all of your tips!

  2. […] wasn’t until Straight and Curly released their podcast episode 93: Productivity Hacks for Parents that I took steps to change. In the episode, co-host Kelly speaks about how much smoother the […]

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