This week Kelly and Carly tackle the beast that is imposter syndrome and how to deal with success without feeling you like you don’t deserve it at all.

The telltale sign of impostor syndrome is a disconnect between perceived and actual performance. “Impostors” have ample objective evidence that they are doing well—good performance reports, promotion history, grades, etc. Yet they feel that somehow they’ve been faking it or skating along on thin ice. Any minute now, they are going to be unmasked and revealed to be a fraud.

One striking characteristic of the syndrome is that, although impostors crave acknowledgement and praise for their accomplishments, they do not feel comfortable when they receive it. Instead, praise makes them feel anxious because they secretly feel they do not deserve it. After all, they think, I’m just faking it—unlike everyone else here who seems to know what they’re doing.

If this sounds familiar to you, this episode is a must listen.

It’s also a must listen because Carly tells Kelly a secret and her reaction is PRICELESS!


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