QUICK NOTE: We apologise for the quality of Kelly’s audio in this episode. She’s not sure what she did differently to normal, but it created a quality of audio that couldn’t be cleaned up in post-production. 

This topic actually came from one of our listeners, Cat Rodie who linked us to this HuffPo article. Here’s a quick excerpt:

“Educational scholars have long recognised that in order to learn and grow, people need to fail every once in a while. But the latest study, led by the University of Arizona, proposes a mathematical formula for this.

For optimal learning and progression, tasks need to be hard enough for us to fail 15% of the time, or succeed 85% of the time, the researchers suggest.”

So, look, we’re taking this research and findings with a grain of salt – but we used it to have some fun with number and also to talk more generally about failure and why we’re both fans of it.


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