So here we are, our last episode for the year.

Normally what we do in this final episode is a ‘Year in Review’. But that wasn’t going to be appropriate for this year.

So, instead, we’ve decided to revisit our second ever episode – the one we did on gratitude, the one we never want anyone to go back and listen to because we feel it is so cringey. It’s the one where we talked about gratitude journals and how neither of us have ever been able to do the gratitude journal thing because every time we would write in a gratitude journal, it kind of reflected our privilege back at us and made us feel like ‘why do you even need to be writing in a gratitude journal, seriously, what’s not to be grateful for in your lives?’ 

But then, ironically, in a very recent episode (Episode 132), listeners would have heard both of us mention gratitude as something that allows us to show up for each day with good energy, even when we’re tired and exhausted. So, it seems we’ve both matured somewhat with regard to gratitude. 

And we thought a really fitting way to finish off this year was to each share 5 things we’ve been grateful for this year.


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