Long time listeners of the show know that Kelly’s personality type is the one that loves to take a personality test. But how seriously should we take the results of these tests? Do we have traits that are truly hardwired into us? And if we do, are we able to train ourselves to operate counter to those traits?

No tips in this show. Just a discussion from Kelly and Carly on what they used to think about the above, and how that thinking has evolved over time.

Want the link to the twins study Carly references in the show? Here it is!



  1. Sandra on April 24, 2020 at 11:08 pm

    Hey Kelly and Carly,
    You have been asking in this episode if someone has turned from shy to not shy anymore. For me it is a bit the case. I used to be super shy as a child and in my teenage years though I have always been interested in people. Then I met my boyfriend (and soon to be husband) and being with him gave me a huge boost of self confidence which made it easier for me to be open around people. Also we did a lot of holidays all over the world from the USA to Ireland and Spain which makes me feel I do have something to talk about. All of this made me a less shy person now. Nevertheless whenever I feel insecure or not comfortable in my body I tend to avoid social contacts and become a bit shy again.
    Concerning sports I used to be a total coach potatoe. But at some point I started with strength training and this also boosted my self-confidence a lot. I also started running because my boyfriends a marathon runner. By now I usually really enjoy sports and go regularly but it also comes and goes in phases. Before Corona I found indoor cycling for me in my gym and just love it! So it’s not a question for me do I go or don’t I (or that happens very rarely ; p). But as soon as it is no fun anymore I feel I am dreading to go so I just look for something new and inspiring and then the magic is back. Would love to hear what’s other people’s take on this.

    • Kelly on April 29, 2020 at 6:01 am

      Interesting Sandra. I never considered self-confidence as being a factor to overcome shyness – but now it just seems really obvious!
      kelly x

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