In 2016 Carly and Kelly did a three-part series on the topic of ‘diet’. This series was incredibly popular with their listeners who appreciated their pragmatic, non-dogmatic and sustainable approach, along with their ability to de-code media sensationalism around the subject. They then re-visited the topic towards the end of 2017 to see what had changed.

Also in 2016, they undertook a series of lifestyle detoxes - removing alcohol, coffee and their phones from their lives. Their differing experiences with each detox made for fun listening.

This book is a compilation of the (heavily edited!) transcripts from those episodes.

If you prefer reading to listening, and like feeling like you’re part of a conversation, (rather than having people talk at you), this book is for you.

The book is available in Paperback, PDF and Kindle formats. Choose your preferred format for purchasing below.

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Hello and welcome!

If you’re reading this book, it’s probably for one of two reasons:

You’re a listener of the Straight and Curly podcast

You saw this book and thought it looked good

If you’re a 1 – you could, in theory, totally skip this next bit. (But, you probably won’t because you’re reading a book and seriously, who skips the seventh line of a book?!)

If you’re a 2 – allow us to introduce ourselves.

Kelly Exeter is a writer, reformed over-committer and self-improvement enthusiast who writes at

Carly Jacobs is a writer, unapologetic over-committer and self-improvement enthusiast who writes at

After being online mates for years and writing about the same kind of stuff, Carly said to Kelly, ‘Hey, want to do a podcast?’

The rest is history.

Straight and Curly – A Podcast for Self-Improvement Junkies, launched in January 2016. The show was featured as one of iTunes’ top ten podcasts for 2016. It ranks in the top charts most weeks. And it’s been featured in several magazines and major newspapers around the world as a ‘podcast worth listening to’ alongside the shows of self-improvement luminaries like Oprah and Gretchen Rubin.

This book?

Well, it’s not a book in the traditional sense. It’s a (heavily edited!) collection of some of our most popular podcast conversations.

Mid-2016 we did a three-part series that attempted to make sense of diet and food.

There’s so much confusion out there about what we ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ be eating.

Diet fads come and go.

One day, fat is evil. The next, it’s sugar.

It’s very hard to interpret all the mixed messages, so our three-part series looked to simplify everything and provide some guidance around getting back to the basics of eating well and in a sustainable (i.e. for life) fashion.

No hysteria or dogma – just research plus a healthy dose of our own experiences as committed self-experimenters.

When listening to our discussions around this topic, it’s worth knowing that Kelly is a former elite athlete who eats for fuel (rather than gastronomic pleasure) and doesn’t find it difficult to maintain her weight. Carly also eats ‘for fuel’, exercises regularly and finds weight maintenance really difficult.

To finish off the ‘Diet’ section of this book (where Diet = the food we eat every day), we revisit the topic a year later and check in on how our thinking has changed, and report on further self-experiments we’ve done.

The ‘Lifestyle Detoxes’ section?

That’s where we break down three lifestyle detoxes we suggest everyone try at least once in life!

  • A month without alcohol.
  • A month without coffee.
  • A weekend without your phone.

We did all three of these detoxes and the differing experiences we had made for some interesting discussion.

So, who is this book for?

  • People who want to have sensible, non-sensationalist conversations about self-improvement topics (like diet and detoxes).
  • Smart cookies who like to question things.
  • Straight and Curly listeners who want to revisit our diet and detox episodes in written form.

Before you start reading, it’s important to remember this is a collection of research, stories and giggles from two mates who are committed self-improvers and love a bit of self-experimentation. The episodes contained in this book are not comprehensive dissertations on the topics. We’re life enthusiasts who are experts on ourselves, but don’t pretend to be experts on anything else.

All clear?

Ok, great! Time to get on with the shows!

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed recording them!

Kelly Exeter
Kelly Exeter
Carly Jacobs
Carly Jacobs