In 2016 Carly and Kelly did a three-part series on the topic of ‘diet’. This series was incredibly popular with their listeners who appreciated their pragmatic, non-dogmatic and sustainable approach, along with their ability to de-code media sensationalism around the subject. They then re-visited the topic towards the end of 2017 to see what had changed.

Also in 2016, they undertook a series of lifestyle detoxes – removing alcohol, coffee and their phones from their lives. Their differing experiences with each detox made for fun listening.

This book is a compilation of the (heavily edited!) transcripts from those episodes.

If you prefer reading to listening, and like feeling like you’re part of a conversation, (rather than having people talk at you), this book is for you.

You can buy the pdf below. If you’d like to purchase the book in paperback or Kindle format, click here.